1/1 hand-drawn collectible artworks

Welcome to the stellar world of Crypto Space Aliens! My name's Luke and this is my personal journey in digital art, storytelling, and building experiences in web3.

Pixel Art

I created CSA out of inspiration from Crypto Punks, but wanted to draw each character by hand. Alien #1 was minted on November 9th, 2021.


As CSA grew so did the community! I started a new collection that interprets each alien from the original collection in cartoon form.

No whitelist, no "influencer" marketing, and no rugs

Rugs run rampant in the galaxy and scammers lurk at every corner and that's why now more than ever, honest hardworking artists have to restore faith in the crypto universe. This is why CSA runs on HACK: Honesty, Authenticity, Curiosity, and Kindness.

Powered by Polygon & Ethereum

The majority of NFT projects run on a single chain. If 2021 showed us anything it's that web3 is constantly evolving. Certain chains may offer better solutions than others and this is why I'm building CSA on multiple networks.